Brian Tolleson

Head of Content & Managing Partner

Bark Bark LLC

Brian Tolleson is the Creative Director, Executive Producer and Founding Partner at BARK BARK, a Brand Integration Agency. He’s based in Atlanta, but don’t be surprised if you see him everywhere. BARK BARK’s mission is to help clients strategize, develop and execute successful sponsorship integrations to monetize existing brand and content assets and more authentically reach audiences for advertisers.  Generally working in traditional commercial time, we help maximize value for sponsors by delivering their message through the lens of media brands and/or their properties, specifically trying to minimize the “interruptive model” of traditional advertising.

Brian has been a VP of Creative and Marketing, and Creative Director, as well as an Executive Producer at various networks at MTV Networks in NYC and was responsible for the creative pitch and creation of the brand, the brand strategy, and the successful greenlight and launch of Logo, the first-ever 24-7-365 channel for LGBT Americans.  Brian and his work have been honored by Promax, BDA, AIGA, and numerous film festivals and industry organizations. He received a 2009 Emmy Nomination for Best Promotional Campaign as Producer on Noggin’s Parent Directed image Campaign, and his creative and strategic work on Kathy Griffin’s album received a 2009 Grammy Nomination as well.




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