Understanding Audiences Through the DNA of Content

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
1:45 PM - 2:05 PM

Have you ever wondered why it is easier to search for an Italian restaurant in your neighborhood, compare plane tickets on multiple airlines, or even purchase a car online, than it is to find a film or TV show when, where, and how you want it? Other industries have been utilizing information about their users, products, and services to drive business decisions in far more sophisticated ways than we have historically done so in Hollywood. Why is that? The key lies in the data about what we are selling. In our case, understanding film, tv, and online video content at its core levels. Once we do, we can deliver far more value to our studio, distributor, and advertiser partners…and most importantly: give our audience an amazing experience. Find out how as we peek behind the curtain during this session with SDI's Xavier Kochhar.


James Dix
Senior Research Analyst
Wedbush Securities

Xavier Kochhar
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Structured Data Intelligence

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